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Air Japan

An elite team with full knowledge of the skies of the world,
offering a new air travel experience with global standard adding the essence of Japan.

Fly with us!


we offer two brands of flying experiences: AirJapan and ANA.

Air Japan, Co., Ltd. operates under complete ownership of ANA Holdings Inc., offering services to international destinations in the air transportation industry as a member of the ANA Group.
In February 2024, we will launch our new brand “AirJapan,” a product of the expertise we have accumulated over the years, but with an even closer focus on the values truly necessary to our customers. AirJapan will maintain the same safety and operation standards as ANA, using the same foundation of delivering simple services with quality and concepts unique to Japan, acting as a hybrid between a full-service and low-cost carrier for a brand-new air travel experience.



A diverse group of professionals with accumulated
expertise in both domestic and international flying,
offering high-quality service unique to Japan

  • One of the companies supporting ANA-brand international flights
  • Cabin crews with abundant experience gained at other airlines
  • Staff possessing expert-level knowledge and a global outlook
  • Open minds that value individuality backed by experience